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Welcome To Debnath Satellite Service

Debnath Satellite Service is a segment of Essel Group, which is one of India's leading business houses with a diverse portfolio of assets in media, packaging, entertainment, technology-enabled services, infrastructure development and education.


It provides its cable services in India's ~387 cities and the adjoining areas, reaching out to over 12.2 million viewers.

Siti Broadband

The New age internet service you were waiting for is here. SITI Broadband employs special technologies that overcome most of the problems faced by regular internet connections today. And provides an unmatched cost benefit for even the heaviest internet users.

Siti HD +

Premium experience with amazing picture quality, distinct sound and the facility to record your favourite shows. So, Switch Now, Experience WOW with SITI HD+. HD has better video quality than SD because of highly pixelated videos.

Siti Digital TV

Today, at SITI Networks we stand high as one of India's leading digital TV networks. While our feet hold the ground strong with a rich heritage of technological advancement, our heads are soaring high towards the horizon of entertainment world as the most preferred and innovative leader.

Siti Ditto TV

ZEE Digital Convergence Limited (ZDCL) is an Essel Group Company that provides Over-the-top services to its customers through its product called DITTO TV. Over-the-top services usually include features as Video on Demand, Live TV and Catch-up TV.

My Siti

Your only portal to go local, My SITI your own multi genre channel with health, Spiritual, News, Info, Entertainment and a lot more. Watch our rich content showcase specifically chosen to cater local audience in local language.

Client Section

Our business is customer centric and hence, Customer Care is given a great deal of focus. We have a well-equipped call center to cater to your complaints or suggestions. Our call center overcomes language barriers to ensure efficient services for all the customers.

High Defination TV

Debnath Satellite Service Advantage :-

Strong pan India presence across 385+ key cities and their adjoining areas Network of 30,000 kilometers of optical and coaxial fiber spread across country Uses STM4 technology that provides robust, redundant and scalable distribution network .


Debnath Satellite Service has next generation technology that enables high speed internet access up to 100 Mbps through the high bandwidth capability of optical fiber cable network.

JANA CABLE NETWORK Broadband has next generation technology that enables its cable network to provide internet connection on PC using the backbone of optical fiber cable network. Cable TV Network Broadband subscribers can access internet on their television sets through internet enabled Set Top Boxes.

We offer variety of packages to suit your varied internet browsing needs. The packages are economical and affordable.